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..:: Gepostet von MK DAN am 20 August 2016 ::..

"MKUniverseLU: GAMESCOM 2016."

Here a few pictures from the Gamescom 2016 with NetherRealm Studio team.

Ed Boon (Creative Director: NetherRealm Studios)

Erin Piepergerdes (Producer @Netherrealm studios) & Tyler Lansdown (Community Specialist for Netherrealm studios)

(click to enlarge image)

Derek Kirtzic (Designer @Netherrealm Studios) & Ray McCaffrey (Associate Producer at NetherRealm Studio)

(click to enlarge image)

Thanks everyone for coming to the GAMESCOM in Germany, It's every time a big huge honor to have seeing you.

Thank you again very much for your time for your passions and thank you for the interview and for signing again some crasy staff from my collection and thank you too for the nice Injustice T-shirt.

Injustice2 gonna be really sick...it´s looks just really badass, sadly we could playing it longer but I can understand...because there was a lot of people in the press center that wanted information about the new Injustice2 game.

We hope you had an amazing week in Germany like me and my friend Agent_Reptile.

Here some pictures from Injustice2 at the main floor at the Gamescom.

Every battle defines you #INJUSTICE2 Agent_Reptile vs MK DAN

Big thanks goes also to Warner Bros. Games US, Warner Bros. Games Germany, to have make all this possible at the Gamescom 2016, with best friendly MK DAN.

..:: Gepostet von MK DAN am 19 August 2016 ::..

"MKUniverseLU: GAMESCOM 2016."

Hello Mortal Kombat and Injustice Fans,

I'm really So sorry to announce that I can't upload the Interview from the Gamescom with Ed Boon.

I tried my best to do an Interview but the noises is so loud you can't understand something correctly on the interview video and the best thing is I used a microphone but the lobby was too loud for my Microphone and it's gonna be impossible to do something with some Software to modified the voices or reduce the noises, If something goes wrong...then everything goes wrong.

I'm really so sorry!! I need to apologize to the fans and on the NetherRealm Studio Team that takes a lot of times to do this interview with me.

I'm really so sorry for the inconvenience but sometimes some staff goes wrong and that's show´s that I´m too just a normal human.

But the Interview was really interesting, I asked Ed Boon questions about Injustice2, Kombat Pack 3, Shaolin Monks2 and about the new MK Movie. If you wanna know something SPECIAL about the interview let me know on Twitter and on Facebook and I gonna replay on every singel question about the Interview.

Sorry AGAIN for inconvenience,



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Facebook: MK DAN