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..:: Gepostet von MK DAN am 18. April 2015 ::..

"MK DAN" @Galloping Ghost Arcede

Hello Everyone,

I wanted first say some words, To all staff member at Galloping Ghost Arcede and Galloping Ghost Production a big thanks for the hospitality and many thanks to have me (MK DAN & Etc MC FLY) open every doors at Galloping Ghost Aracde and Galloping Ghost Production and many many thanks for your friendliness, I mean its was just unbelievable and awesome to be there with you all.


"A big speical Thanks goes to Doc Mack - Galloping Ghost Arcade"

We learned and meets so nice people there...this was Just a surreal experiences there, I miss you all already ...if I can I will take again the fly to Chicago next week...but sadly I need to go to work again next week, but I will coming for sure back, I promise you that.

A Big special Thanks goes to Doc Mack I mean without this guy..this could´not be happened..to all people they was there think about that, without Doc...no Galloping Ghost Arcade, No ShangTsung Fight Night, no Tournament, I mean I found finally someone that´s exacly so crazy that myself with Mortal Kombat..Doc Thanks to be a real Mortal Kombat Fan. It was a Big Big pleasure for me to have meets you man, I really enjoy it to be at Galloping Ghost Arcade..

This Trip to Chicago was for me the best week in my life. I will never forgetting this week in Chicago, it´s hard to describe, it was just unbelievable, it was better that a dream..and the best is I don´t open my travel baggage untile now...I gona cry for sure..I cry already during texting now.

Doc you know what is inside, I really appreciate that, if someone offert me 1.000.000 USD for that I don't sell it sound stupid but I will never sell something from my owen Mortal Kombat Kollection..no money at this planet would give me that experience back that you gif me and what I have see that was just unbelievable and like I says already 10.000 times I can't found any words for that, I mean a lot of people think the same like me they was there.

I mean Everyone they going to Galloping Ghost Arcade Please make Donation to this company because this place need to be stay alive ..if this place one day will close or what or ever..I gona be really sad. Please Help them to grow up with new staff because this place need to stay alive, just to say.

Doc, my bathroom is yours.hahaha you know why xD ..I will send you one day a pic or a video of my appartment when everythink is show up...It's already crazy in my Appartment but with all your staff that gona be.. I dont know...just incredible.„smile“-Emoticon.


A big Special thanks goes to Peter Hahn I mean he is also ultra awesome...

thanks to have bring me save from the Chicago Airport to GGA, Thank you!!! and of corse thanks to the complet Galloping Ghost Arcade TEAM...I don´t remeber all the name..but thanks too Soonk Delgado, Gga Jeremiah, Eddie Perez, Fill Pops Diaz...and many other who I don´t rember the name..please when you find me or read this add me and I will add you!.


Shang Tsung Fight Night, with the Actors from Mortal Kombat at Galloping Ghost Arcade.

Big Big Thanks goes also too,

Richard Divizio, Aka Kano (MK1), Baraka (MKII), Quan Chi (MKMS) & Kabal (MK3), (UMK3), (MKT) in one places at Galloping Ghost Arcade!,

The Black Dragon leder Richard Divizio at Galloping Ghost Arcade, He is so Funny ...I had a good time with him there at Galloping Ghost Arcade LIKE all die other Actor. Richard Thank you so much for that! and I´m Happy to have see you in real life „grin“-Emoticon

Thanks for the pictures and all other special thing´s you do! I really appreciate it!.


Brian Glynn, Aka Shao Kahn! (MKII), (MK3), (UMK3), (MKT),

You will taste no victory! Shao Kahn!

Brian Glynn aka Shao Kahn Vs Mk Dan at Galloping Ghost Arcade, Thank you very much Brian for this nice picture, hugh honor to me, to have meets you at Galloping Ghost Arcade and thanks for coming.


Philip Ahn, Aka Shang Tsung (MKII),

Shang Tsung Wins...Please you can now take my soul! Fatality!Phillip Ahn Vs Mk Dan at Galloping Ghost Arcade, Philip, Merci beaucoup pour la photo. „smile“-Emoticon .


Daniel Pesina Aka Johnny Cage (MKI), (MKII), Sub-Zero (MKI), (MKII), Scorpion (MKI), (MKII), Reptile (MKI), (MKII), Noob Saibot (MKII) and Smoke (MKII),

"I got Caged! by the real Johnny Cage!" at Galloping Ghost Arcade Thank you so much my friend! Friendship! again?.


Carlos Pesina Aka Lord Raiden (MKI), (MKII), (MK3), (UMK3), (MKT),

The Thunder God "Lord Raiden" himself at Galloping Ghost Arcade Carlos, Thank you so much for this nice pictures with you! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOU! EARTHREALM NEED YOU! .


Kerri Ann Hoskins Branson Aka Sonya (MK3), (UMK3), (MKT),

Sonya Wins! Mk Dan & Kerri Ann Hoskins Branson at Galloping Ghost Arcade Thank you so much for this great picture with you at Galloping Ghost Arcade. you really beautiful and so friendly, Thank you Kerri.


John Parrish Aka Jax! (MKII), (MK3), (UMK3), (MKT),

Jax Wins! Gotcha!!, Mk Dan & John Parrish at Galloping Ghost Arcade Thank you so much John for this nice pictures.


Sal DiVita Aka Nightwolf (MK3) ,(MKT) Cyrax, Sektot, Smoke (MK3) ,(MKT) Scorpion (MKMS),

Sal DiVita at Galloping Ghost Arcade Cyborg cybernetic rules...I meet Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke and Nightwolf in one places at Galloping Ghost Arcade. Sal...it was just unbelievable with you! need too a cybernetic update. „grin“-Emoticon.


Katalin Zamiar Aka Kitana (MKII),

I meet the beautifuly "KITANA Princess of Edenia" at Galloping Ghost Arcade Katalin, Thank you so much for this amazing day with you! and thank you for this nice pictures, you for ever in my heart!


Lia Montelongo Aka Sindel (MK3), (UMK3), (MKT) Sareena (MKMS),

Here is Lia Montelongo aka Queen Sidel & Sareena at Galloping Ghost Arcade Doc Mack, Lia Montelongo, Mk Dan together ALL IN ONE..Me and Doc fight for her... I´m Joking:) Lia Montelongo, thanks to coming to GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE, you too for ever in my heart!.


Andrew Kudelka,

He is the inker from The Mortal Kombat the Arcade Comic Book, Thanks too to have visting Galopping Ghost Arcade

Thank you so much Andrew, to signed me a lot of staff from my Mortal Kombat Kollection. :D


"Mortal Kombat" Netherralm Studio Team, at Galloping Ghost Arcade,

John Vogel, (Netherralm Studio),

John Vogel, He is background creation, animation, and cinematics. He has held many positions at Netherralm Studio, including Lead Artist, Lead Background Artist, Character Modeler, Lead Animator, Lead Story Writer, etc.

Thank you so much John , to signed me a lot of staff from my Mortal Kombat Kollection...poor John, He made maybe a new world record that day with me. :D


Dominic Cianciolo (Netherralm Studio),

Dominic Cianciolo is a producer and director, known for Mortal Kombat (2011), Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) and Mortal Kombat X (2015).

Thank you so much Dominic, to signed me a lot of staff from my Mortal Kombat Kollection. :D


Paulo Garcia (Netherralm Studio),

Lead designer at Netherrealm Studios working on Mortal Kombat & Injustice.


Steve Brownback Aka "16-Bit",

Steve, Nice to have meet you there in Galloping Ghost Arcade and Thanks for the pictures.


Carl White Aka Perfect Legend,

" 3 Time Fighting Game World Champion" with MK DAN

Carle: Nice to have meet you at Galloping Ghost Arcade and thanks for the pictures.

PS: I had too the honor that "Perfect Legend" signed my MKUniverse Chemise, thank you too for that.... its a big honor for me!!


Patrick McCarron, Aka (@TRMK)

Here some verry nice pictures with Patrick McCarron from (@TRMK) Patrick McCarron Thank you too to coming at Galloping Ghost Arcade it's was too a big honor for me to have meets you there...MKUniverse turned 10 years this year and then I meet you, what a coincidence „grin“-Emoticon


So here is John Podlasek, Senior Producer at Midway time,

He works for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mortal Kombat: Deception, (Mystification) and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

Thank you too John Podlasek..to have vistiting Galloping Ghost Arcade and thank you for this nice pictures with you..and to have too signed me some cool staff!. How many John´s works for Mortal Kombat ??? that´s crasy :D.


Tyler Lansdown & Derek Edward Kirtzic, Sadly We don´t have make a pictures together at Galloping Ghost Arcade..But Derek Edward Kirtzic Thanks to have signed me up the pictures We made at the Gamescom 2014 in Cologne Germany and my MKUniverse Chemise

(Special Thanks goes to John Vogel (Mortal Kombat), Dominic Cianciolo (Mortal Kombat) & Patrick McCarron (TRMK) you know at "Tony´s" Thanks again hugh honor for me, I will never forget this.

Thanks to Coming to Galloping Ghost Arcade and to have the hugh honor to have meets you all there...I never thinking in my life too meets you all in real one day...its was just surreal!!! Awseome TOP!!!„smile“-Emoticon"


Thanks too MK DAN Fan´s, Draxx Romanotto, Jason Krogh, Eugene Cresto, Karen Sam, Hug Hug, nice too have meets you all and all other who I did know the names....Hey are you MK DAN?..lol that in Chicago lol that happened in Germany or Luxembourg but Chicago no way. :D

MK DAN, Eugene Cresto, Draxx Romanotto

Jason Krogh & MK DAN.

MK DAN & Eugene Cresto.

MK DAN, Hug Hug and Master Etc Mcfly Etcchile.

no comment, Karen Sam :D


D-Que Beats, The MK DAN Killer :D

Thanks to have putting me out at the Tournament .. I mean you had the honor to kick The Master Lord MK DAN out at the tournament.„smile“-Emoticon

it was so damn close dude..just one damn punch, lol...my heart beated like crazy at 130%..its good that you but me out at the tournament otherwise I get a heart attack AT Galloping Ghost Arcade at the next Match...So this was the reason I don't play the Tournament on Saturday. I mean I just played for fun there..I try it but my competitive karriere was over..I'm too old and no more reaction..I´m Happy to have see next generation MK PLAYERS there, the tournament was really Hardcore sometimes I could´n watched top closes matches, unbelievable.

you did mabye not know me.. a lot people don't know me that I was too Pro Gamer with MK Deception no one could beat me that time..I´m playing a lot of offline Tournament in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, I was 7 month Nr-1 at Mortal Kombat Deception online on European server..the first Mortal Kombat ONLINE Game in History, but that was the last competitive game I played as pro fighter..and after this, I stop to play because a lot of peopel hated me..treated me like cheater and what ever...but its it doesen matter, I hat just one target to get NR-1 and I had a reason why to reach this goal, but this is private otherweiss I will bigining again to cry.

But Respekt D-Que Beats, I played against good player there at Galloping Ghost Arcade and it has make a lot of fun..I prefer to play against a hard player that play against a loser...I mean I beate my friend Etc Mcfly Etcchile Kung Lao´s some times with my Hanzo Hasashi but That was just PRACTICE..Tournament is again an other league look what is happening with my friend Etc Mcfly Etcchile against VS Wound Cowboy that was crasy too..that shows everthing is possible at a tournament.

Here the link from Galloping Ghost Arcade, the complet Tournament so you can watch it if you miss this great Tournament Galloping Ghost Arcade on Twitch the tournament was really intense for a MK Game that just comes out.

"Mortal Kombat X" is just amazing...

"it's for my personality the best Mortal Kombat Game since Mortal Kombat Deception (Mystification) back in 2006"