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Mortal Kombat X-Comicserie angekündigt Twitter die News!

MK Dan | 18.10.14 um 10:00



Mortal Kombat X-Comicserie angekündigt

DC Entertainment hat während seines “DC DIGITAL: DOWNLOAD THIS!”-Panels, im Rahmen der New York Comic Con, die Mortal Kombat X-Comicserie angekündigt. Die neue Comicserie dient als Prequel zum Spiel und wird zahlreiche bekannte und beliebte Charaktere enthalten, ebenso wie die nächste Kämpfergeneration. Als Autor konnte Shawn Kittelsen gewonnen werden, die Zeichnungen übernahm Dexter Soy, die Titelseiten stammen von Ivan Reis. Start der Serie ist im Januar 2015. 

 Mortal Kombat X Comic-Titelseiten 

Scorpion SubZero

Danke an Warner Bros Deutschland

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MKX: Quan Chi Revealed + 32 Trailers snapshots Twitter die News!

Grandmaster TRS | 02.10.14 um 17:08

Jetzt ist es Offiziel, der Finstere Hexenmeister Quan Chi wird in Mortal Kombat X wieder als spielbarer Charakter dabei sein.

Quan Chi Revelead

Netherrealm Studios hat ihn heute mit einen neuen Trailer via youtube präsentiert.

Im neusten Trailer erzählt uns Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick etwas über Quan Chi's 3 Variationen und wie sie sich auf den Kampf auswirken.


Seine 3 Variationen sind Sorcerer, Warlock und Summoner.


variation 1


variation 2


variation 3

Viel Spaß beim Trailer:

Mortal Kombat X: Quan Chi Official Trailer:

KLICKT HIER/ CLICK HERE to view 32 snapshots from the Quan Chi Trailer.





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MKUniverse GC 2014 Coverage - Part 2 Twitter die News!

Grandmaster TRS | 18.08.14 um 19:58

MKUNIVERSE proudly present:
MKX Coverage Live at the Gamescom 2014:
MKU GC 2014 Dragon Logo
Hey folks,

this is our interview with the legendary mastermind behind Mortal Kombat, Injustice and several other games, Ed Boon himself.
Live coverage from the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Ed Boon Interview - MKX Coverage live at the Gamescom 2014:


Feel free to share, like and comment this video.
Comments are welcome.

Big thanks to Warner Bros. Games US, Warner Bros. Games Germany,
and of course the entire Netherrealm Studios team.
Thanks a lot for your support, time and patience
to make all this possible at the Gamescom 2014.

Tribute to Netherrealm Studios & Warner Bros. Games

Thanks to...
Ed Boon / Co-Creator, Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios
Hans Lo / Producer at NetherRealm Studios
Derek Kirtzic / Associate Designer at NetherRealm Studios
Brian Goodman / Marketing Game Manager at NetherRealm Studios
Markus Häberlein / PR Manager WB Games

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Or follow us on Twitter:

Enjoy and thanks for watching.
So long...

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MKUniverse GC 2014 Coverage - Part 1 Twitter die News!

MK Dan | 16.08.14 um 11:15

Hello everyone, we are now back from the Gamescom in Cologne but first of all,

we wanted to say a big thanks to a few persons before we starting with our coverage about #MORTAL KOMBAT X.

We wanted to say first a big thanks to Warner Bros Games US and Warner Bros Games in Germany that makes a lot possible during this Gamescom 2014 in Cologne.

Many many thanks goes to the NetherRealm Studio Team, special thanks goes to Derek Kirtzic, Hans Lo, Brian Goodman and of corse The Master Lord himself Ed Boon thanks a lot for your passion and time with us, it was a big pleasure and a huge honor to have meet you in Germany again.

The only thing we can just say for the moment is, Netherrealm Studio will break all records with MKX, the new game looks just amazing and really really gory & bloody.

The new X-Rays are so painfully, sometimes I need to look outside the screen because it remember me to something you know breaking necks and backs that´s really hurts.

Here we have some pictures... with..

GrandMasterTRS & Derek Kirtzic

Derek Kirtzic is the Associate Designer at NetherRealm Studios.


MK DAN & Derek Kirtzic

It was time to rip his head off...MK DAN Wins, Flawless Victory, Fatality!

But in MKX he is really really good with Scorpion and with his favourite character D'Vorah!. He demonstrated us some combos with Scorpion & D'Vorah it was just extremely awesome. Sadly it was not allowed to fim something of the gameplay and of course we respect that.


Hans Lo & MK DAN

Hans Lo is the Producer at NetherRealm Studios .


Brian Goodman & MK DAN


Brian Goodman is the Marketing Game Manager at NetherRealm Studios. 


GrandMasterTRS is beginning now to finish the interview that we made with Ed Boon.

Our interview will be online on Sunday or on Monday.

But if you have any question to ask Follow us on Twitter at @mkuniverse or viste themortalKombatuniverse (Forum/Board) MKUNIVERSE GAMESCOM 2014 THREAD.

 Stay tuned for more Infos.

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MKU Live at the Gamescom Teaser 2014 Twitter die News!

Grandmaster TRS | 13.08.14 um 6:44

Hey folks,

MKDAN and GrandMasterTRS enter the gamescom 2014 to bring you the latest news of Mortal Kombat X.


MKUNIVERSE Live at the Gamescom 2014 MKX Teaser:

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